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Philly Flower Show information 2017

2017 Philadelphia Flower Show
with the Bethlehem Garden Club
Tuesday, March 14
Some of you have seen the tulips in Holland and will surely enjoy your memories and those of you who have not been to the Netherlands will delight in the mosaic of gardens, canals, and bridges emulating the gorgeous color of the country’s spring flowers as you visit the 2017 Flower Show.   From the old you will be able to buy the most popular tulip bulbs and from the new you can visit the Eco Dome to learn about the Dutch Wave movement, necessitated by the ever changing climate in a country half of which is only one meter above sea level and one-eighth totally below.
Our bus will leave from Advent Moravian Church, 3730 Jacksonville Road, Bethlehem  18017 at NOON and depart from Philadelphia at 6:30 PM(the show is less crowded in the afternoon).  You may bring a bag lunch to eat on the bus or go to the Reading Terminal Market or other outside restaurants before entering the show  If you prefer, there is a Food Court on the second level of the Convention Center.  You may leave the Center at any time, but you must get your hand stamped for re-entry.  Make reservations for the Garden Tea (the 3:45PM seating) or for the Spa Experience (new this year) by calling 215 988 8839.
You will receive your ticket on the bus.  Before entering the Exhibition Hall, pick up a program so you can decide which workshop or lecture to attend – this is a good way to sit down for a while!  It is a long day so wear comfortable shoes.  Save enough time to make purchases (lines are long sometimes) and still be on bus for our 6:30PM departure (large items can be stored under the coach).
Complete the form below  and mail with your check payable to  Bethlehem Garden Club to Mrs. Jacqueline Adams, 3517 Skyline Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18020  NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 1.   Remember the club does not meet in January and bus seats are assigned in order of checks received.   The cost of $60.00 per member and $63.00 per non-member includes bus, driver gratuity, abd tickets to the show,  Deduct $26.00 if you do not need a ticket to the show.
NAME:                                                                       _____@$ 60.00    MEMBERS
PHONE:                                                                    _____@$63.00     NON-MEMBERS
CELL (used 3/14 only):                                              Deduct $26.00 if no ticket is required

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